The Spring 2013 UW ERIS Program is comprised of dedicated UW students and faculty in Oceanography and Engineering.

Emily Cyr is a junior in the Oceanography department. She is pursuing a Geological oceanography degree along with an Earth and Space Sciences minor. Emily has been a member of the UW underwater ROV team, as marine technology is one of her interests. Another interest of hers is survey and bathymetry work. She is also currently working in the Keil lab on aquatic organic geochemistry.


Cassandra Bongiovanni

Cassandra Bongiovanni is a junior at the University of Washington majoring in Geology with a minor in Oceanography. She has thoroughly enjoyed working on the ERIS project and is very hopeful and excited about what will be done in the future. She also hopes to continue to contribute to the project her senior year while learning more about the field of marine geology.




Mariela Tuquero

Mariela Tuquero is a postbaccalaureate student with an emphasis in chemical oceanography. She received her BS in Psychology from the University of Washington and has since worked in educating the public with conservation groups The Washington Native Plant Society and People for Puget Sound. She has always been interested in marine conservation, and chemical processes in aquatic environments. Her research interests include deciphering the ocean carbonate system in areas especially sensitive to anthropogenic influences.  Additionally, Mariela currently volunteers at the Seattle Aquarium and for Earth Corps to further educate the public about marine life and sustainability.


Madison Shipley

Madison Shipley is a junior at the University of Washington studying quantitative aquatic and fishery sciences and oceans technology. She is pursuing her senior thesis on the perception on shark populations in Micronesia compared to populations tabulated from the fishing records and dive surveys. In the ERIS project she is currently working as the engineering manager and hopes to continue during her final year of school. She is interested in hydroacoustic technology and will survey noise pollution in Portage Bay and its potential affect on the distributions of lake fauna. Madison plans to attend graduate school upon finishing her bachelor’s degree.


Ryan D’Jay

Ryan DJay is a senior in the Oceanography department at the University of Washington who is also completing a minor in Marine Biology. He has had a great passion for the study and preservation of marine biological ecosystems. He holds the position of project manager during the spring quarter in 2013 for the ERIS project. Ryan hopes to get into the field of Arctic research after graduation and is looking for the right grad school to help achieve this goal.



Marisa Gedney

Marisa is currently a senior and preparing to graduate this spring with a B.S. in Physical Oceanography and supporting minors in Physics and Applied Mathematics. Her current contribution to the ERIS program consists of developing a preliminary electronic design for temperature sensors to be placed on the platforms, as well as assisting in mechanically building the group’s OpenROV. These projects were chosen as a method of building upon her current experience working as a laboratory assistant at the UW Applied Physics Laboratory and her related coursework regarding analog and digital circuits. She is thrilled to be a part of the founding group for such an exciting program and hopes to see the ERIS observatory become a reality in the near future. 

Hannah Snow

Hannah Snow

Hannah Snow is a 3rd year student in the Civil & Environmental Engineering department, minoring in Oceanography. She is interested in fluid dynamics and hydraulic engineering, and hopes in the future to work as a coastal engineer. Hannah has served this quarter as the student lead for the Policy & Outreach section of the ERIS project, and has worked to spread the word about ERIS, including designing this website.


Snapshot of me 1.png

Colin Katagiri

Colin Katagiri is a third year undergraduate at UW. He is working on an Oceanography BS and a minor in Marine Biology with research interests including harmful algal blooms and microbial interactions as well as marine technology. Working with the Underwater Robotics team and ERIS, he has been involved in marketing to raise funds for their remotely operated vehicles and helped build some machines that are capable of scientific research in the field. In his spare time he enjoys skiing, rock climbing, and reading.



Miles Logsdon

Miles Logsdon

Miles Logsdon – Professor at UW School of Oceanography





Fritz Stahr

Fritz Stahr

Fritz Stahr – Professor at UW School of Oceanography





Russ McDuff

Russell McDuff

Russell McDuff – Professor at UW School of Oceanography






Rick Rupan

Rick Rupan – Research Scientist at UW School of Oceanography


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