Check out new pages!

The rest of the website has now been populated. Please check out the “Who?” page for ERIS student bios! The “Why?” page has also been updated, as well as some important Background Portage Bay Data.

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End of Quarter Comments

As the school year draws to a close, ERIS students are preparing for an exploratory sampling mission at the ERIS site on June 5th and 6th. Sediment and water samples will be taken as well as a CDT cast, a handheld temperature/light/pressure probe cast, and a hydrophone cast. The data collected on this sampling will enable students to determine the subsurface conditions at the ERIS site and design a suitable station box accordingly. 

Additionally, students are preparing to hand off the work they have done this quarter to the next group of incoming students. Research, plans, and designs performed this quarter will be cataloged for a smooth transition.

ERIS student leadership will give a final presentation to UW School of Oceanography administration on June 11th to present the work that has been done this quarter and is planned for the future. 

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Students investigate ERIS site

Students investigate ERIS site.

Dr. Logsdon shows students potential fiber optic cable route

Dr. Logsdon shows students potential fiber optic cable route.

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Preliminary Bathymetric Survey of ERIS Site

Preliminary Bathymetric Maps of ERIS Site

firstSurvey2 (1)

These maps were produced by Emily Cyr and Miles Lodgsdon and show the bathymetry of the ERIS Site!

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Welcome to the New ERIS Website!

If you’e reading this, then you’ve successfully located the website for the University of Washington’s ERIS Observatory Program! Thank you for your patience as the website is currently in development. If you are a student in the ERIS program, please continue to use the Canvas site for information. If you are an otherwise interested individual or organization that would like more inofrmation about ERIS or would like to get in contact with the students, please email us at Thanks!

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